R Programming - Data Science for Finance Bundle

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A bundle of six ebooks on R programming for data science in finance.

Learn the fundamentals of R and its application in finance with this bundle of 6 books:

Six Books Included:

  • R Programming for Data Science
  • Data Visualization with R
  • Financial Time Series Analysis with R
  • Quantitative Trading Strategies with R
  • Derivatives with R
  • Credit Risk Modelling With R

What's included

  • PDFs for all books
  • Detailed concepts and explanations about each topic
  • Step-by-step instructions for all models built in R
  • All the data files used in the books
  • Complete downloadable R code for all examples used in the books

The combined total price of these ebooks is $39. As a bundle, you get them all at a deep discount.

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PDFs for all books along with all the data and R code files used in the books.

$39 $29

R Programming - Data Science for Finance Bundle

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